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RuNam Coffee bag

Keeping the promise of purely a Vietnamese coffee brand - RuNam Càfê uses great coffee beans from the famous coffee land of Vietnam. The harmonious blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee gives customers a different taste of RuNam càfe.

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RuNam Gift Set

Gift culture is a beautiful tradition of Vietnamese people for a long time, and each of them carries the unique message and the intention of the donor. Understanding this, RuNam Coffee Gift Set is made with every little care from in-house design and creative team, each design is unique and delicate, includes premium coffee packages, branded coffee and gift items.

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Places to enjoy a cup of RuNam coffee

Alchemy of the Mouche-Dragon

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Càfê RuNam ‘s People

With a team of experts, employees have many years of experience in the field of coffee production and processing with the passion and aspirations bring Vietnamese coffee flavor to the world. RuNam always want to bring customers taste the best quality coffee in Vietnam.

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Machines & Processes

Càfê RuNam sử dụng máy móc, dây chuyền sản xuất nhập khẩu từ Ý với công nghệ tiên tiến hiện đại bậc nhất trong lĩnh vực Cà Phê: gồm máy rang Petroncini, máy xay, máy đóng gói hút chân không.

Vacuum Packing Technology is currently one of the best technologies in Vietnam, ensuring longer lasting Coffee

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