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RuNam – The lullaby of the South

Our story:

Runam – A brand whose the concept is inspired by Vietnamese lullabies, and embraced by the romance and deepness of Vietnamese cultural insight. We always look forward to the traditional products, among which we desire to bring the most qualified product to our customers, national and international.

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Our mission:

Passionate and enthusiastic about Vietnamese coffee beans, RuNam have studied and define our own roasting technology. Furthermore, we also focus on coffee taste and drinking habits of Vietnam people, in order to create the exclusive coffee blend that satisfy even the most demanding guest. With RuNam coffee blend, customers will always receive devotion, unequaled quality and unique taste.

Our facility:

Located in Long An Province, South of Ho Chi Minh City

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Càfê RuNam selection process

Coffee bean selection process:

Step 1: Classify coffee bean according to quality standards. Each kind of coffee bean is classified to different standards from Grade 1 to Grade 3, means highest to lowest quality accordingly.

Step 2: Filter the best coffee beans for puttinginto the production process of RuNam. RuNam select the Grade 1 beans, then proceed to test again with the goal of selecting best of the best. After the selection process, RuNam coffee beans will be transported to our storage and prepared for the next phase.

Our production line

Roasting process of RuNam:

Roasting process from Petroncini. Petroncini is a famous brand in the field of coffee roasting with its convetion roasting technique which uses a hot air stream to transfer heat to the coffee bean this method allow the coffee retain its intense aromas and flavors during roasting process.

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Packaging process:

Multi function automatic packaging line using Italian technology allows us to pack 250 gr, 500 gr and 1000 gr, both beans and powder. Vacuum packaging technology is a technology that can keep coffee smell for a long time and ensure maximum quality of coffee.

Our master

Our master Lauro Pocaterra who is in charge in create the flavors for càfê RuNam coffee by combine strong Vietmamese taste and great Italian technique. With more than 30 years experience in coffee and 10 years living in Vietnam, Lauro not only understands well the modern and elegant technique of Italy, but also knows the love for coffee of Vietnamese people. His job mainly focuses on research and developing signature coffee blends of RuNam, including choosing the green beans, making the suitable blend extracted from the local filters.

Our Master
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